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I'm 21 years old and a student of History of Art. Until recently I was primarilly a Roswell writer and I am in fact a senior staff writer of Roswell's Virtual Season. Recently though I have focused more of my attention on Harry Potter fics and in particular fics on my favourite couple: Draco and Ginny (which accounts for about 60% of my HP fics ;)):)

I also like a load of obscure ships in the HP universe and I will probably produce fics for them all at one point: these ships include...

Ron/Hermione* (Not obscure I know but ;) (See 'NUtSoM, Unforgiveable Sinner and Troubled Mind for them.)
*Neville/Lavender* (See 'Who Needs Hogsmeade Anyway?', 'Unbreakable' and 'Unforgiveable Sinner' for a fic on them*
*Fred/Angelina* (See 'Never Underestimate The Stupidity Of Men' for them.)
*Ron/Hermione* (not obscure but worth of a mention ;))- 'NUtSoM', 'Unforgiveable Sinner' and 'Troubled Mind' for fics on them.)
*George/Hermione* 'NUtSoM'
*Parvati/Seamus* (see 'Unbreakable' and 'Unforgiveable Sinner' for a fic on them)
*Sirius/Remus* (see 'Masquerade' for a fic on them)

and strangely, Ron/Padma...there is a method in my madness somewhere, but as you see that is only a tiny percentage of my strange ships.

I have also begun to write Once and Again fic so I have a pretty varied fandom participation :)

Now for information on my active fics:

The N/La, Se/Pa, R/Hr series that consists of 3 stand alone fics focusing on the one attack at Hogwarts is now completed. Unbreakable is from Neville's POV regarding his relationship with Lavender. Unforgiveable Sinner is a Seamus POV fic about Parvati and Troubled Mind is the Hermione POV focusing on her and Ron. I have had requests to continue this series and the truth is I'm considering an Angelina, Remus and Snape POV and possibly a Daniel Moon POV, but we'll see what happens.

Taking the Chance - part 6 has been started and will be updated in the next few weeks and I have some big plans for our Mr Malfoy and Ms Weasley ;)

Never Underestimate the Stupidity of Men... - this will also be updated shortly and I have a new love interest for Georgie boy and I almost guarantee you won't expect it. Also look out for Angelina getting her pay back on Fred and petty, petty Fred ;)

I just finished my first Harry fic that's non shippery so that was fun for me. It's called The Right To Dream? and is a songfic based on the wonderful song by Five For Fighting. I warn in advance - it's very angsty.