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Well to start off, I love to write stories. I'm 21 and I'm a computer nerd. (I'm a boring person*)My passion is Gundam Wing. What can I say? Five hot guys and they all have that bad boy appeal, and those big hunks of metal they call gundams...*flushes* Anyway, as if you can't tell I'm addicted to Duo & Hilde. They make the sweetest couple, I think. I'm a fan of non-yaoi but I am not anti-yaoi. I think stories should be judged for the emotions they convey, not the leading characters themselves.
O_O Is it just me or am I starting to sound like a critic? Geez, I need to lay off the fanfics. Well, thanks for taking the time to read this. Now that I've wasted a good three minutes of your day I'll get back to writing since I seem to do that better that idle chit-chat. _~
OOPS! My muses wanted a fromal introduction. Chlorine is my angst muse. She has a very foul dispotstion for the most part but she's a lot nicer and prettier when she's around Nimby. Nimby is my romantic muse. If I write too much sap blame him. They often have the tendency to get me lost in the Region of Madness...*big hentai grin*

As of 11/22/02 I will no longer be re-posting deleted stories at ffn. I have also removed all formerly NC-17 rated stories from the database.

I am sincerely disappointed at the stance they have taken to limit our creative ingenuity. The rating of NC-17 was posted for a reason and I don't feel that it is right for authors to suffer because people who are offended by such material ignored the warnings and read these stories anyway. And to the concerned parents who have complained: It is your duty to monitor your child's internet time, not mine. I should not have to restrict myself from expressing my feelings because of an underage reader. The rating was posted for a reason and I do not feel it is us authors at fault, nor should we penalized for these complaints.

But I'm wasting my breath here. So as soon as I find someplace else to post my NC-17 stories I will let you guys know where to find them. In the mean time I hope you guys will take care and know that i will continue writting. I'll write what I feel no matter who decides to get their panties into a twist about it!


Thanks for two years of support. You guys are the best!!! *

And in responce to the incredibly rude review by Someone to my story "Down In A Hole" :

Once again, if you don't approve of the content then don't read the story. It is as simple as that. You don't like "porn" and you have a right to your opinion but remember, its your opinion. I have my own opinions too and they obviously differ from yours. If you want to bite my head off in your attemp to gloat thats fine. But I will continue writting and know that others do enjoy my "porn" as you call it. If I can't post it here I will post somewhere else where it is wanted. So just remember, you may have won the battle but not the war!

Oh, and one more thing. I'd respect your opinion a great deal more if you had the guts to leave your name. *

As of 2/4/03 I have found new site host my NC-17 fics.

The site is:

The address:

I owe a HUGE thanks to JediScully for telling me about this site. Not that I have a place that welcomes my more graphic work I will eventually repost all my removed stories there. In the mean time I have posted "I'd Love You To Love Me" there so for those of you who were looking for it... It's now back online.
I also want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of the readers who have supported my Inuyasha fics.
"Relinquished Destiny" is far from finished... (this story is even throwing me off at times)... but it should prove to be quite different. It has taken on a mind of it's own.
I have not forgotten about DxH. I'm just taking a little break for right now. To those who have requested it, I do have a Mir/San fic in the works, well the idea at least, getting it onto paper is the tough part.
Well, that's all for now. *scratches head* I think... _~

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