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I'm an artist and writer. I think I fell in love with anime/manga mostly because it combines my two favorite pastimes. lol

I'm in the process of developing a Hotsuma character shrine. (It seems rather unfair for him to not be represented in the Tenchi community--poor guy!) He really is one of my favorite characters in Tenchi, and I enjoy writing him. Expect more stories about him to come with different backgrounds and explorations into the character. I love Ryoko with Tenchi in other series--and I have no problem with the other Tenchi ladies either--but in Shin Hotsuma has too interesting rapport with her to ignore. Shin is my playground. At the moment my website stuff is in shambles, so the link goes only to an isolated fanfic page for my works. I'll have to make it more attractive later, but the links should all work fine.