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Name: Lisa Dell

age: 16

Country: Virginia Beach, Virginia but i'm an island gal ^_^

Hobbies: like to read, write, dance, play sports and hang out with friends. Trying to keep my grades in the high standards of my parents so i can have time to write my stories. i swear parent's are slave drivers...and it's getting worst now that im going to go to college soon ~_~ My uncles made me the anime lover i am because they used to watch a lot of it when i was a babe, i love Jackie Chan and Jet Li!!!! but my passion is anime.

Fav: i love CCS, Eva, Blue seed, Slayers, El Hazard and a whole lot more series but i've only written on CCS as you know. Um i love syaoran LOL HEHEHE he's my baby and Eriol too, he's so Evil Like me!!! I love saku's character too because she's so not like me, i'm more like a Mei Lin and i'm Thinking of writing a story about her soon...ahem Well thats it for now.

Plans: i would like a to write a lot more stories and build my skills in this area. and i want to finish the stories that i've all ready started and i want them all to be a hit LIKE WILD THINGS.

update, i've finally finsiehd Wild Things LOL, and trying to a sequel!!!!! _