Jonathan Bruce
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Joined 12-18-01, id: 140674
Yeah, I'm calling it quits, considering several things that have been bothering me. Pop-ups (for the last friggin' time, I will not use BlowSearch), people with the IQs of warm water, and how this place is managed. Sorry to disappoint. If you still are interested in what I write, you're going to have to e-mail me with a request. However, since this site hates me, you won't be getting free Jonathan goodies without his consent.
Oh, and all the people like Gaile and Pandora and Alendalian, you're still cool. Everyone who ever reviewed my stuff, thanks, you all rule. However, everyone else can find a nice Mack truck to stand in front of.
Anyway, cool people please stay in touch. It is my sincere hope they will remove this entry, along with everything else, in due time... So get crackin'.
Au revior.
"That is not dead which can eternal lie/
And with strange aeons, even death may die"