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Greetings! I am a high school senior who happens to be obsessed with Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. My favorite characters include Han Solo (it's the lopsided grin), Sirius Black (in case the pen name didn't give it away), and Aragorn (hey, any guy who throws fire is pretty cool!). I do not watch TV with the exception of two shows, and they are The West Wing and some occasional Whose Line Is It Anyway?. If you haven't seen them, I order you to watch.

I am also known as Lyria Strider Black, Leia Solo, Lasha Padfoot, and Lasha Solo-Fett. I love writing, reading, and all things musical. My titles include: Queen of Gondor and Hapes, Princess of Alderaan, Professor, Auror, Ranger, Wife of Padfoot, The Fanfic Queen, Keeper of the Warm Fuzzies, Warden of All Things Shiny, Creator of RPG Havoc, Queen of the Random Little Songs, and Local Therapist. I love my website and you can find ALL my fanfic there, as well as lots of other great works.

Reviews are used to fuel my muse, Toby. Toby is a speechwriter in his spare time, and he is very uncooperative, so reviews would be very much appreciated. Flames are used to burn kindergarteners. Save a kindergartener: Don't Flame!

I am also a big fan of RPGs, and I invite anyone else who is to pop over to Yahoo!Groups and check out the Jedi Alliance or Platform934. If you're already part of one of those RPGs, what are you doing here reading my bio?? You ought to be posting!!

Peace, Love, and 90's in AP Calc & English,
~*~Lady Lyria Padfoot~*~

At the moment, Toby says... "We're having difficulty locating our talent...It couldn't have gone far, right?"
"Somewhere in these stories is our talent."