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The Fan Fiction of Elaria Garnet
UPDATED: November 29, 2002

hd_eg -- I've set up a Yahoo! group for my H/D slash fiction. If you'd like to get announcements/fic previews please join! It's announcements only, so don't worry about your mailbox being filled up...I'm the only one who would ever be sending anything out. If you would like to join, the address is: http:///group/hd_eg/

Thanks very much to Sheron, who was supporting this idea!!

Doomed to Fight It -- H/D slash that's pure dialogue...Draco asks Harry whether or not their relationship is doomed to failure. It takes an awfully long time, but eventually, Harry's got a rather inspiring answer for him. Beta-ed by the incredible Moondancer and also hosted on Fiction Alley.

Adore Through Darkness -- H/D loads of angst and romance galore. The bare bones of it is: Harry and Draco, sixth year, secret relationship, Ron and Hermione know, someone finds out, someone doesn't like it, someone decides to cast an ancient spell that will have some serious consequences. Sacrifices will be made, secrets will be kept, memories will be both lost and tresured. Features marks on the skin and marks on the heart...tested friendship, tested enemity, and a love that we're all going to have to pray is stronger than hatred. Yeah, this summary is coming completely out of no where, I'll come up with something better later, in time for the first chapter. Being beta-ed by the amazing Aleena Malfoy and will eventually be hosted on Fiction Alley (in Schnoogle).

In His Eyes -- H/D song fic with only a little angst...much more romance than angst, though...having a field day with it. Will be eight chapters long. Being beta-ed by both Aleena Malfoy and Digi Yuki!

Where Loyalties Lie -- H/D with tons of angst (sometimes I wonder if there's any other way to do it) ...can't give away too much except that it takes place starting after graduation from Hogwarts and features Voldemort and the war and Death Eaters and all that nasty stuff. Much darker than ATD Will be beta-ed by the wonderful Blue Moon(f) ...coming soon to an near you.

If I Gave You the Title It Would Give Away Too Much Too Soon -- "Build higher walls around me, change every lock and key. Nothing lasts, nothing holds all of me." An H/D alternate universe series.

Lyrics of the Update: "Absence of Fear" by Jewel
Reason: Because that's where I got the title for ATD from.

Inside my skin there is this space,
It twists and turns, it bleeds and aches.
Inside my heart there's an empty room,
It's waiting for lightning, it's waiting for you.
And I am wanting,
And I am needing you here,
Inside the absence of fear.
Muscle and sinew, velvet and stone,
This vessel is haunted, it creaks and moans.
My bones call to you, in their separate skin,
I make myself translucent, to let you in.
For I am wanting,
And I am needing you here,
Inside the absence of fear.
There is this hunger,
This restlessness inside of me.
And it knows that you're no stranger,
You're my gravity.
My hands will adore you through all darkness aim,
They will lay you out in moonlight,
And reinvent your name.
For I am wanting,
And I am needing you here,
Inside the absence of fear.

Quote of the Update
brought to you by: Napoleon I
"Courage is like love; it must have hope for nourishment."

Thanks for reading!
~ Elaria