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About Me - Hi! I'm Maniacal Matt of CB. I like Digimon, obviously, and also Star Trek. I mainly like writing comedy fics. I haven't been online in AIM for quite a while now...

My hobbies are...I don't really have that many. I like to write, for one. I also feel more comfortable writing something humourous rather than something serious.

And to those who sent me e-mails, sorry if I haven't replied yet. I'm extremely lazy when it comes to checking my inbox.

Fanfics - Digi-Trek Koushiro is now my top priority. I suddenly got the inspiration to parodize various Trek episodes after watching the TNG Marathon on TNN.

Judge Iori on hiatus until further notice. Same with LWTDD & MM, but I'm thinking of writing something for the latter series.

The Takato Files is on hiatus as well. I'll continue it soon...

"Lights, Camera, Taichi!" is STILL on hiatus.

THE WEAKESTLINK! Expect a new episode to come soon!

That's all for now! I'll update this again next month! Or the month after that, or the month after that month after that month.

-Maniacal Matt