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~*Personal Profile*~ I've decided that my profile needs a major update cuz it's all boring and stuff. So I am updating it (gee go figure) Anyway, my name is Casey, lots of people call me Jos (middle name...) and lots of people have other names for me that I respond to. I'm 16 (and I can drive! I have a car!) and from the US. If you don't know me, be warned, I scare people with my physco freakiness. But, of course, I think it's spiffy! I write mostly L/J fics, with lots of Sirius and original characters. Ok not really, I write everything from novels to short stories to poems to...well I write a lot. But mostly what I have on here are L/J fics, with lots of Sirius and original characters. Oh yeah, and I hate cliches, unless you have evidence to back them up, so don't expect many, if any, in my writings. ~*Story News*~ New chapter of Green Eyes is up, chapter 35. I have written to chapter 37 (oh dark stuff happening so be warned...) but I'm not gonna put everything up at once cuz I'm all evil like that. Lots of stuff is gonna be happening in the next few chapters and since it's gonna be christmas break you probably expect a new chapter everyday cuz when I have no school I have nothing to do except write. The story is getting more complicated...Also, it will get a little bit darker towards the end of the story because I have to set it up for the sequal (yes, there is a sequal, Fallen Angel). I'm also going to be writing a prequal about when they all get to Hogwarts, but don't expect it to be cliche, because I hate cliches as much as everyone else does. So I am writting this really great fic that's all about Lily/ James and it's very cute and lots of action and it actually has a plot (go figure) I am going to write the entire thing and then post it chapter by chapter...I'm almost done (it's short, maybe fifteen chapters) so expect it soon. I know that I said I wouldn't put up The Scarlet Dawn until I was done with Green Eyes, but I have really been working on it and I want people to review it. That one will be updated once a week, I think, and the chapters are all really long. I'm trying to make my writing better and I think that it's working. If you like Green Eyes, you should read it. It addresses a lot of things that aren't in Green Eyes but are still important to the story (James' old girlfriend, how the mauraders became animagi, the making of the map, etc.) So I think that I am gonna remove The Crazy Hogwarts Graduation. It's on crack, it's very very very bad, and pretty much I don't like it. So buh-byes... ~*Summaries*~
Green Eyes: It's a Lily/James romance and is very fun to write. If you are going to read one of my stories it should be this one. Lots of romance, love/hate (well, sort of, but not the cliche love hate w/ Lily and James), many new characters, that sort of thing. Lily and James are both very popular, but they have to go through different people before they realize how perfect they are for each other. However, this is not very good for their friends, one of whom will do anything to be with James. Please read, what more could you ask for? The Scarlet Dawn: The prequal the Green Eyes. Lily, James and company get to Hogwarts, and they're not the people you would expect them to be. Lily is a once shy girl turned popular, Sirius makes jokes so he can get through the hard times without his friends noticing, Remus has to hide the fact that he's a werewolf to protect his mom's reputation, James is the little rich boy that must struggle to show people that he's not completly dependent on his famous parents and Peter trys to get people to see through his outer apperence and see who he really is. A fresh and new look at their time at Hogwarts with many new original characters. To The Ends of Time: After a freak accident, Harry is able to stop his parents death. He gives up his old life so that he can have a new life with him mom, dad, and siblings. However, he develops a huge crush on Hermione Granger, who just happens to pick up a book on wizard fashion that Harry's sister dropped in Diagon Alley. Not a serious love story (they're only 11 people) but a few crushes, so if you don't like H/Hr and Hr/R ships, it shouldn't stop you from reading the story. Romancing Lily Evans: This is my new one (yay!) that is not out yet (oh, so grrr!) But it's about Lily and James during seventh year. James and Lily have never really been friends, but now that they are head boy and girl, they are spending a lot of time together and really enjoying each other's company. But when James finds out that Lily has made friends with a dark wizard, how can he save her from a miserable future? ~*Random Stuff*~ Well, since this is the stuff that everyone seems to want to know, here are my faves: Characters: Hermione Granger, Lily Evans/Potter, Sirius Black Pairings: I absolutely LUV Lily/James. Harry can work really well with Cho, Ginny and Hermione (not at the same time of course!), as long as you have a good writer. I pretty much just like Hermione for Ron, he doesn't have as much chemistry with anyone else. So, to sum it up, L/J, H/C, H/Hr, H/G, and R/Hr. I'm not really into Hermione/Draco, so don't try to send me one of those. And in my opinion, any students with adults are bad and slash stories are just completly unacceptable! Color:Blue Website:This one (duh!) Stories and Authors: are at the bottom; however I'm getting up to my limit with the stories so I'm gonna put my very favorites here. What to read next: If you don't have anything to do and are sitting here as bored as I am right now, then you should read some of my fave stories. I try to keep them current, and put up ones that get updated. If you want me to read your stories, I would love that. Just send them to me or tell me in one of your reviews. I never mind to return reviewing favors. Well, I can't really think of anything else to put here, so that's all folks. If you could deal with my rambling for this long, you are so my new best friend. I don't know if anyone really reads these anyway. Well, except for me, but that's probably cuz I'm a freak, or somthing like that. PLEASE READ AND REVIEW MY STORIES!!!!!! If you do, I will love you forever and ever and ever!
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