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Konnichi-wa! How are you all doing? Let me tell all you guys (and gals) about myself!

Gender: Female (Look at my screen name. 'Nuff said.)
Nationality: 1/8 Chinese, (just like Li-kun but he's completely Chinese) a small fraction of either Polish or Russian, I'm not sure, and I'm Filipino and American.

Favorite Anime: CardCaptor Sakura (even though I've only seen the first 12 episodes, subtitled. Thank Kami for DVD and VHS), Dragonball Z (The Son women rock!), Sakura Wars (and I got that just because my aunt got that mixed up with CCS for my b-day... Glad she did), Fruits Basket (though I have only seen the first two episodes...)
Favorite Couples:
Fruits Basket

Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Redwall Series, WorldWar series, almost any book by O.S. Card
Favorite Authors: J.K. Rowling, Brian Jacques, Harry Turtledove, Orson Scott Card

Favorite Food: Dumplings and sinagong (I don't know if that is how you spell it. Filipino food)
Least Fav. Food: Tofu and shrimp (don't you dare ask)

Fav. Subject: Art, definitely, and History!
Least Fav. Subject: Math

Updates/Rants on Fanfics:
A New Magic in Hogwarts- Chapter 10's being typed... VERY slowly... I really don't want to talk about it v.v