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I like FF8, FF7, Harvest Moon 64, Perfect Dark and more. I guess I'll be writing crossovers most of the time. Sometimes I might write some pokemon too but don't count on it. Sometimes I might write a fanfic where you can figure out what's ahead from putting together pieces of clues I leave behind. Actually I seem to have gotten into the habit of it so keep a look out!

One word of caution... REVIEW MY FANFICS!!!!! I WANT REVIEWS!!!! I will write much faster if you review my fanfics! Also reviews might even inspire me so REVIEW!

Kevin Silverblade will be in all of my fanfics except for a few. Also if you want to find out what really happened to him in the end of the fanfics you have to read my fanfics in the other catagories!! What does happen to him in the end won't be obivious. (at least I don't think so)

Hints on finding out where was Kevin before: Keep track of the silver items he has.