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September 24th, 2002: Today happens to be my birthday, so I'm uploading some new chapters that hopefully everyone will enjoy.

Phoenix’s Tear the Second Saga Episode 28: Suspicions – Head versus Heart
More critical clues as to Golem’s fate are revealed, as Hare and Holly discuss their own theories – and another Searcher winds up hearing something they really shouldn’t have…
Our War Game Level 04: Questioning, Open Mind
Seeking out answers concerning their precious new treasure uncovers only more mysteries for the young digimon to puzzle out – as well as a terrible shock for one of the Rookies as his life is altered drastically…
FFIX – MR Style Session Three-Two: Back to Treno
It’s side-story time, as Genki attempts to forget Holly by drowning his sorrows in a card tournament, two of his teammates reveal more of their back stories, and a not-completely unexpected cameo makes their first appearance…
Dragon Warrior VII – MR Style Session Four: Dialac: Touched by an AngelTear
Hare, Eboni and Wild arrive at the village of Dialac, but it appears to be too little, too late… Why has the gate dropped them off at this point in time?
Medabots Upgrade: Medal Souls File 01: Flight of the Metabee
When Erika and Brass come across a strange medabot in an alleyway, Erika’s certain she’s stumbled across another great story, while Brass is more concerned about the terrible shape he’s in…