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I am very sorry for my indecisiveness as to my name...special apologies to Fantasy Cat. *bows* Gomennasai. I'm simply going through a rapidly changing obsession phase. Currently, my obsessions are Orlando Bloom first and foremost, Julian McMahon and Alan Rickman as close seconds Craig Parker (Haldir, for you who does not recognize Heaven's name), and Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn, for you who are simply ignorant).

I also apologize for my delay in updating "And You Call This Hell". I just recently got my internet back, so I have to actually remember what I was writing about. Feel free to email me with any suggestions/comments/blabs. My seventh chapter will be posted as soon as I can finish it. I'm about one tenth of the way through it right now. *sheepish grin*

HALDIR LIVES...I WISH...*goes into a corner and cries for hours on end*