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Wowee! There's options hidden in here! Isn't that just
Bio? You mean, people actually click your name and they see this stuff I'm typing?
This too?

clears throat, looking around in slight paranoia, then taps the microphone (okay, 'types' the microphone, you happy now?!)*

Heyo, everybody, uh...nice weather we're having, uh, right? *thinks to self "you idiot! The weather's different all over the world!"*

So, uh, where should I begin? Ummm...the name's BakaMattSu, but I guess you could already
tell that, huh? I'm one of those Anime fans...y'know, those people who are fans, but not just fans, but fans of Anime...

someone coughs in the silent room*

Anyway, uh, I wasn't really prepared with a speech or anything, *faces goes red, in fact, I was
just poking around after logging in...and ended up here...lessee...AH!

My name should be submitted to the international grammar police...but it does try to have some meaning...
I'll break it down for you:

"Baka" + "Matt" + "Tsu" = "Matt, the big idiot"

-Baka is a catch-all word encompassing "idiot", "jerk, or just plain "stupid"...
-Matt is my real given name
-Tsu, well, uh...I don't really have a reliable source on this, but I generally take it to mean "large"
-It's also a play on the Bakumatsu, or End of the Dynasty, in Japan...

Umm...what do I like? Stuff. I'm a Saber Marionette J obsessive (ask anyone I know ;))...

I have a mixed taste in music, I'd rather stay up all night than get up early in the morning,
I'm a poor college boy, I write for fun, and I'm one day going to actually amount to something! (AT least I think so...)

So, uh, sorry to all you who came for a real good Biography, but got whatever this is...

BakaMattSu, when people tell you not to push the big red button, maybe it's a good idea to listen to them...