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To be honest, there isn't much to know about me. I am twenty-one years old, and I live in the middle of Oklahoma. I am a college student, and currently working on a degree toward Literature. Though I am not sure what can be done with such a degree, the study of reading and writing is basically my life . . what better subject to study? None of my stories are what you could call publisher quality, but I am working on rewriting most of them. I strive to become better with each story that I do, and if I am totally out of line, I like my readers to call me on it. Let it be known that I am a Christian, and that while none of my works could be considered religious, my faith has a habit of working its way into my stories. The rule in this is simple - if it offends you, don't read it. I normally am a friendly person, and I love making friends with my readers. It is my opinon that in order to write better, you have to know what your readers want. This is why reviews (or even e-mail feedback) are important to me - without it, I can't know what I'm doing right or what I'm doing wrong.

One thing I love doing is talking with my readers. I have been known to randomly e-mail or personal message my readers from time to time. I like to hear your perspective on things, and I love to ask for advice. Don't be afraid at all to talk to me - I'm available on almost every IM service as well. All you need to do is ask!


Hindsight: A massive rewrite for my Sara and Osamu story.. I warned people that I was doing this. I want to surprise readers this time. I want them to read this, and see a little of the old story in it, but also know that this is a totally different story from the original. There will be new characters (Caleb), and old characters (such as Tani) will be fleshed out. There is even a character who had previously died that will be staying alive. Don't get your hopes up - it isn't who you think. This story is still under the category of 'romantic tragedy', and though the ending is what makes it so, I want it to be intwined into the story as well. Hindsight is not a happy story, folks. There are situations in this story that are tense, and emotions can run high.

ALL OTHER STORIES: On complete haitus until I can get Hindsight finished. I do intend to finish these, and maybe I will update here and there, but Hindsight is my first priority. I want to finish that story so badly, it hurts. .

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The Reality of Lies by LoveRehab reviews
She's in love with her best friend. If this were a movie, they'd be dating. Unfortunately, this isn't a movie. The only thing in her life remotely like a movie is the black mail she's receiving. A story about discovering who you are and what you mean to other people. Warning: Contains Sex, Drugs, & Rock n' Roll
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Hindsight reviews
They say the mistakes of your past are what shape your future, but how are you supposed to know which is which?
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Soul Mates reviews
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And Then They Fell In Love reviews
For Sara Adams, moving to a different country is hard. It becomes even harder when she can't speak the language. Good thing there is a rather cute, stuck up, and totally bipolar genius to help her. *Has been rewritten as "Hindsight" found in my profile*
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Why reviews
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