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I love vampires and am sick of reading stories that essentially butcher their essence. So I wrote my own story : Eternal Friendship /Mortal Love. That's how the title was originally supposed to appear but for some reason the slash has been removed. *shrugs* I enjoy the more mature fics of fictionpress and lean towards fantasy.

because author's notes can sometimes be distractingi've decided to place all important notices pertaining to my story here from now on. any old ANs will be removed and placed here as well.


‘Vampyre’ is the masculine form & ‘Vampire’ is the feminine form.

‘Early Riser’ refers to an older vampyre/vampire.

‘Late Riser’ refers to a more recently turned vampyre/vampire.

(As far as I know the last two are original concepts I've come up with. Any likeness of these terms is completely unintentional.)

-Someone was asking for descriptions of the characters in my story. Looking back I found that each character had been described about the same amount but that perhaps more detail was needed. I'm trying to incorporate more description into the actual story but just to help everyone out I thought I'd post the info for main charactershere too:

Jade ~ 19 yr. old human girl, about 5'7" w/ a tiny frame, light skin, long auburn hair and emerald eyes.

Drake ~ vampyre who is about 30 yrs. in appearance, about 6'5" w/a muscular build, pale white complexion, long black hair and solid black eyes.

Zareb ~ vampyre who is about 21 yrs. in appearance, about 6'0" w/ an average size build, pale white complexion, short blond hair and black eyes.

- Last but certainly not least I'd like to give a HUGE shout-out to Skye Haerrington. Her reviews and criticism of my story have been wonderful. Skye, whenever you point out a spelling or grammar mistake I always make sure to go back and change it! Thank You for all your help & support :)


for anyone who is wondering why my poems are no longer posted on this site:

thank you for your reviews! i absolutely love writting poetry and was happy to see so many people connect with my work. in fact, i have such a passion for it i am hoping to actually publish a book of all my poems. so i took them down as to avoid any plagarism or copyright issues from arising.

OthER CoMMenTARy :

i always have a few people asking me if i am the same person known as 'roguechere' over @ FFnet. so to answer your question before you ask it, if you were going to ask it in the first place that is, yes i am. for those of you un-familiar with me over there, i write x-men fic (exclusively) in all verses. if interested in reading anything by me over there - here's the link:


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