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hey guys! wow... i haven`t updated in a REALLY long time, so i apologize for any inconviences that may have come up. ehhh, i`ve been really busy for the past few months and school is absolutely CRAZY so for now, all my stories have been delayed. yes, i know. it's been FOREVER since i updated. and yes, i know. i promised you i would work faster. but i guess i`m not that efficient... so i apologize for everything, and you all now have the right to b!tch at me *smirks*

on another note, More Than You Think is doing much better than i thought it would! so thanks guys, your comments really mean a lot. ^_^ i used to have the story plan laid out, but once i wrote a quick outline of it all-- it just didn`t flow. so im working on it, slowly but surely, and hopefully i`ll have a new chapter up this month. anyway, keep reviewing! right now, im in the process of revising my chapters because the first one is VERY rushed. =

ehhh it seems like you guys like angst more than WAFF. ^^ ahahaha i liked Cry, and i thought it was pretty good, but i guess it gets repetitive. i think ill make a new chapter for that... but i dont know. READ AND REVIEW CRY! ahahhaa that story needs a lot more publicity.

not like this is... ehhhh.. not my favorite story, not my best work. good busy reading, but otherwise... ehhhhh .

so thats about it! hopefully i`ll update soon. i love you guys! ;DD