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I live in Australia and is curently attending year 7 at high school.
I love writing and is looking to becoming an author when i grow up. I love reading, i am a total book worm but i don't wear glasses which is a total shock since i read like 24/7. i like art but it doesn't mean i'm good at it and i like history.

I love Tamora Pierce and my fav. series is "Song of the Lioness" and my fav. character is Alanna.

I am a TOTAL A/J fan but i have nothing against George, i just don't think him and Alanna make a good pair. Ok fine, i'll tell you tha truth, George is sooo annoying, if it wasn't for him, Alanna and Jon would be together *boohoo*

I'm not that picky on Daine and Numair, they make a good pair though the age difference is expendable.

Kel and Dom Rock! Cleon is like da most annoying person in tha world apart from George and Neal's wit Yuki so yeah.

I'm not giving you any personal info so there isn't really that much to talk about so i'll stop here.

Oh yeah one more thing:

A/J 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you're gonna read 'First Loves' plz read to the end, it hurts when ppl only read half way through then decides to flame me, i get a lot of that. Jon get resurrected.