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Er...this is highly un-updated, ne? ^^;; Arigatou, Kageisuke-san, for reminding me ^^

Konnichiwa~!~!~!~!~!~!~! Watashi wa darkness88 desu~! I'm 15, my b-day was March 29th! I love anime, manga, anime, RPGs, and did I mention anime? I am currently obsessed with (not in any order):

1. Gensoumaden II and III (Hugo is so cute *)
2. Legend of Dragoon (Lloyd, Rose, and Albert are sooo cool!)
3. Lunar Silver Star(I love the music and scenes in the game, great storyline too)
4. Final Fantasy (I luv them all! ^_~ well, except for a few...)
5. Chrono Cross (the characters are just too cool!)
6. .hack games (XD so cool!!!)
1. Hikaru no Go (Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai~~~~~~~~)
2. .hack//SIGN (Tsukasa *)
3. X (Sei-chan, Subaru-kun, Fuuma, Kyou-chan, ^_^ : drools :)
4. Tokyo Babylon (Sei-chan and Subaru-kun again, never too much of 'em ^_~)
6. Naruto (Haku T_T)
And a whole lot more but I just can't remember what they are right now...I have really bad memory...

Btw, I'm a HUGE yaoi fan ^_^ actually, I think I'm a slash fan, considering I don't mind either one, yaoi or yuri, preferably yaoi though, why? Cuz damnit, its just so goddamned CUTE!!!! Not to mention yuri is hard to find o-O So what if you think I'm sick?! I don't give! Yaoi is the coolest, not to mention the cutest ^_~ If you don't like yaoi, you don't know what your missing!!! :grins: Okay, so if you're a guy, I could see why you wouldn't like yaoi. But hey, I'm considered crazy, so don't take anythin I say that serious.

I don't think I'm gonna write any fics, I mostly read since I'm really bad at writing, also because I don't really make any sense when writing, actually, I don't make any sense at all. =P I'm a reviewer ^_^ ain't that nice! Gawd...I'm so lame...I can't think of anything else to say anymore =p shows you how bad I am at thinking. Hmm, to all those who I have reviewed their fics, email me when you update! cuz I'll need help remembering, my memory's so bad!

If you want to check out my DeadJournal it's at http:///users/darkdragoon88
I wanted to get a LiveJournal too, but I couldn't figure out how to get it without paying, I'm so cheap ^-^. Anybody wanna invite me into LiveJournal?
Hmm, maybe I should try out ParaJournal, seems interesting...

XD They gave me more room for my favorites lists ^_^ I'm so happy ^_^

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