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Dear people;

EQUAL: Season 1 is my pride and joy. It is a story written like a television show. It is based in episodes and each episode is a new story, but with same characters. The story follows three friends and their battle against the powers of evil. Many seasons to follow.

It's been a year since I started the EQUAL saga and it has grown larger than I could have ever imagined. A dear special thanks goes out to all those who have taken the time to read the mamoth story which is still developing. True patience is needed when reading a work in progress such as EQUAL and I have seen that patience truly play out in my fans and friends. Thanks again! More is on its way!

PIG HEAD is relatively new. I am really becoming attachted to the horror genre (both suspense and supernatural subgenres). THE LADY AND THE THUNDER has been removed as it may be published in a book of short stories.

The Winchester House 1: House is really old and not very well written. I'm just keeping it on there because it was lost during the "Computer Crash of 2004."

Good author on this site to check out is Carrington Oak. He's good, trust me. Check out the others on my Favorite Authors List.


Anthem Aeneid aka "Animal"


Rated M


Beheadings in New York and savage animalistic attacks in New Jersey seperate the two brothers. Josie fights her own demons. Joel's true intentions are learned.

Coming Soon

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