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Watch out everyone, Squin and LoPotter, those two nutters who share a brain, are writing a story together!

More soon :)

OOH, Lo here, I'm going to take this opportunity in Squin's absence to tell you about us! Mostly because I'm really bored. We like Harry Potter, most importantly, and agree that Prisoner of Azkaban is the best one to date. We also enjoy Jane Austen, The X-Files, and Dead Poet's Society! (AND COLIN FIRTH!!! - Squin) We both enjoy the scent of grass (actual grass) and esteem pink as our favourite colour. We hope one day to rule the world!

Our first project is our HP/Pride & Prejudice crossover, (affectionatly known as HP&P) which will be a D/Hr pairing (YESSSSS) and it will, of course, be absolutely fabulous!!!

Lo- Is from Buffalo, NY. D/Hr is TOTALLY the best pairing, my story is Never is a Promise aka Never is a Crappy Story (OI! - Squin), you can read it if you want to! (READ IT, IT ROCKS, Lo's just fishing for compliments... which are, of course, all well deserved - Squin)
(I'll let Squinny Squin Squin fill in for herself, but you should REALLY read her stuff!!)

Squin- (Oooh! What a nice surprise finding all this fun stuff here!!!) I'm from Australia (and am hence upside down...) and is proud to be a R/Hr shipper. Why? Because those two are so OBVIOUSLY made for each other. Duh. All the evidence is in canon, go read the books with your eyes open and you'll see it ;) But D/Hr is fun, too... I guess it's that love/hate couples thing, a la Lizze & Darcy :D

But, the two of us agree that H/Hr is 100% totally and utterly lame. L-A-M-E. Pathetic. Stupid. Foolish. OK, the ranting maybe my personal opinion, but still, ick, H/Hr is not gonna happen. Ever. Full-stop (PERIOD).

Til we get this project on the road, please read our other stuff which can found under our individual pen names. See you around! :)

Love, the Scary Twins