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*Popps out of no where, eating candy from Honeydukes, this is not a good sign, possible hyper case*
Hi!!!! *Waves madly* How are you?? *Jumps around like a bunny, then stops seeing that her bio is changed, then lookes at the big screen and grins*

I thought it would be time to change bio, so here it is!! *holds up the paper where the bio is writen*

Name: Elisabeth

Pen Name: elisabeth the ultimate Harry/Usagi fan (actually that is the complete name, but cut it its just Harry/U... oh well ^_^;)

Birthday: May 12

Age: ^_^; Just try to guess...*Cough*

Place: I Live somewhere on this blue and green thingy (points on a plastic globe)and on this island...(points on the South Pole) errr, wrong...here!!! I live here! In the Philippines...yep, and let me tell you, over here its H.O.T!!

Likes: Reading (opens a dresser full of books instead of dresses) ^_^; Writing, (a picture of a desk littered with notebooks and pens everywhere flashes by) err, yes...and I Love DAYDREAMING! I daydream at school, at home, in public places...everywhere...I know...I am a lost case... And I also like...Tom Felton..he's cute!

Dislikes: School, homework, quizzes, School, and Mamoru "Die Mamoru, Die!!!! ARGHHHH!" and did I mention that I hate Mamoru??? (no offense to all those Mamoru-lovers...just dont like the guy, creeps me out *shudder*)

Fave Anime Series: Sailormoon, DBZ, HunterxHunter, Sailormoon, DBZ, HunterxHunter

Fave Anine Characters: All the Sailormoon cast, except for mamoru (gomen ^_^;), Kurapika, Gon, Killua and Leorio, Kurapika, Gohan, Kurapika, Sailormoon

Fave Books: ALL Harry Potter Books (JK Rowling is a genious!)

Fave Pairs: HARRY and USAGI to the max!!!! Yaten/Usagi (they make a cute couple!), Harry/Usagi, Usagi/Kurapika (he's from hunterXhunter, I never seen a fic of them though), Gohan/Usagi, HARRY/USAGI

About my crazy, hyper-active self:

To tell you about myself a bit, Hmmm, that would be really difficult but I'll try...

Well I am wierd in a very odd way, when I plan to write a story, I act them out. * Err, yes it is a known fact. I talk to myself and say what all the characters should be saying, I act strange at my house... I am really wacko, but I am very proud for that, in a crazy way.

I am very hyper, I must stay away from sugar. But sugar seems to find me and 'puff' I am talking to myself and rant on, and on and on...

Popps back into the screen*
There you have it, thats me Hyper active, crazy beth-chan.

growls realizing that someone is reading her bio* Now Go Away!!!!!!! You read enough, better read my stories!!!! *Gets a sugar quill out of no where and starts sucking it happily* Bye, Bye!!!! ^_^