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There isn't really much to say...except that all the fics written under this pen name are HP and that they are all H/H because I am an Auror!

Oh, and an Auror is an H/H shipper. Why? Because in Book 4, the fake Mad Eye Moody said that Harry and Hermione would make excellent Aurors...

And What have I written? Yeah. Well The Longest Day is my first fic, and The Mark of Hermes is its sequel. They both take place in Harry's 5th year, after Harry and Hermione spent their summer at Auror Camp. :) (Ron couldn't go, he went to Romania to visit Charlie.)I consider those two my 'sane' fics.

As for the rest of them, they are my 'psycho' fics because well, people tend to DIE in them.

Regret and Envy are really depressing ficlets that have nothing to do with TLD and MoH. (Thank God!) The Story of a Decade is another one that would have to fall under that category. I just finished reading Kate Chopin when I wrote them, so you can imagine! But really they have nothing to do with each other, TSD MIGHT be an ending to Envy and Regret if you wished, but not really. Hermione's Lover MIGHT also be thought of as an ending to envy and Regret, but really I had no such intentions in mind. I basically wrote that one after reading a poem by Robert Browning. No, its not meant to be an interpretation of said poem, I was just higly neurotic and depressed when I wrote it...

And as for Like a Lioness in Hunt, I was having a bad day, and I remembered that one short story by Roald Dahl.

Perfect Hate, although nobody dies in it, is also considered psycho because I was in a psycho mood when I wrote it. Its also angsty, but not really H/Hr, its more D/G. It still has a bit of H/Hr in it because heck, I can't write anything without including them.

I will continue MoH, no matter how long it takes me to update, I will get it done, and one will follow that as well. And Hopefully one will follow that.

Sorry its taken me so long to update MoH, but school and stuff have gotten in the way.

And if you wanna read my smut, go to and look up Cliodna.

'Tis all!