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Haha, wow. This profile is so ridiculously old, I don't even know where to begin. I probably haven't updated it since I made my account here in high school. Hm, well what is there to say? I'm no longer a disgruntled freshman art major, but a disgruntled grad student with little to no direction in life yes i graduated somewhere inbetween there! How's that for ya? Ya'lls can stalk me at my deviantart, listed below or my livejournal (which I believe I have as the link in my profile here). I kinda abandoned after they removed all the "real-life" people fanfics and original stories (despite having an account on their byproduct, , I've not been here in years, sadly. Probably because all my favorite stories here never got FINISHED huff/weep), and coughcough the banishing of NC-17 fics...coughcough Well, in my perverse defense, one of my favorite writers, scribe, primarily wrote..."mature" titles and she left after that. And at the time, I was mostly reading her stories and cough BAND cough fanfics, of which bands, I shall not divulge, because it is far too humiliating, even for my old teenage self. :/ Needless to say, the stories I have there are probably far more humiliating than my old fandoms. Le sigh, yet, I will keep them up, just in case anyone wants to laugh, or gasp actually enjoys them.

Anywho, I have several fanfics and original stories I started YEARS ago, which I may eventually post there and fictionpress coughifIgetaroundtoitcough depending on if they ever get...finished...Ok, too much information already and no one will read this, unless perchance, I start posting and reviewing here again and people actually stumble upon my page, only to turn tail and run. I just haven't had the time nor same amount of coughsickcough devotion for fanfiction as I used to. Just as my dad told EVERYONE for YEARS (even after it was no longer true), "Angie reads SAILOR MOON stories online!," much to my chagrin. This anecdote is not a joke, though I surely wish it was...

I am having far too much fun writing this. But then again, everyone loves talking/writing about themselves in a pseudo-mocking manner now and again. Or in my case, all the time. I guess my long-windedness is good for grad school, if anything. I've been returning to some of my old internet haunts from my early years online (a la late 90s, people), and am sad to see that many of them are now M.I.A. (no, not a Sri Lankian rapper, ok that was lame). But I was sad to see many of my old favorite sites and fanfics had dissipated into the internet annals of time, likely to never be seen again. I'm just relieved some of my wistful memories remain here. Watch this place shut down now knock on wood But perhaps I've returned to some of my old past-times as a means of distraction (from real life) and because I'm a sentimental fool. Ok, that's enough emo-ness for now. Ya'lls can get back to yer fanficcing now. Peace out. -Angela aka ela. And yes, this is the same thing I wrote for my bio. Cuz I like it. And I'm lazy.

Oh, and I'm leaving the old part of my bio up for old time's sake and because it amuses me to read things I wrote when I was a teenager. So nya.

UPDATE: Here, a place where I have some actual writing: Don't have too much fun. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello. I like yaoi. I like slash. I like shounen-ai. I like boys with boys. If you don't like it, too bad. All the more for me... I like anime and manga. I like art and drawing. I like music and hot guys. I like old movies and history. I also like complaining and reverting to angsty-bitch mode on my livejournal and privately in real life. Of which I do not have (a life, I mean...). I go to college and it sucks to be a freshman art major (hell, it sucks to be a freshman anything), but I'm finding that a lot of things suck in life, so I'll suck it up and be a man-er woman...I am working on an original piece, so hopefully I'll get it put up someday (just keep telling yourself that, kiddo). If you've read this far, you get a cookie... It's the thought that counts, people. P.S.-I'm not half as weird as I seem-I'm even moreso...bwa..

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