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-=Pokes his head out of a mound of papers.=- O.O Konnichiwa Minna! Be with you in a moment! -=Dives back in and emerges moments later with a small card.=- Almost lost my ice cream coupon! -=Grins.=- Now then..Let me introduce myself, I am Ouji Chan, some call me Ouji, -=Frowns.=- Or some like Nekoni call me "Oujee"...I am what Vegeta would be if he were a chibi youkai(demon)...so I look exactly like him just smaller and with devil horns and wings...-=Smirks..waves his tail slowly behind his leathery wings.=- I am also yaoi..and that subject is in all my writing. If you can't handle romantic/sexual relationships between males then don't read my work and don't flame me! -=Glares..smiles evilly.=- Flamers will be taken to my Shrine's torture chamber and "played" with...
Oh and I am also a part time muse for Nekobotan, though I believe the mistress uses Cheretan here as her name. -=Coughs slightly.=- Though she could use me a bit more often.-=Clears his throat.=-...I also like to think myself somewhat kinky so my fics may reflect that now and then..well minna I suggest you read,enjoy and review accordingly..I'm off for some quality time with my mate..-=Glances up at the sounds of jingling handcuffs and a whip cracking.=- That's my cue..I'm off to play now..see you later peons!! -=Smirks...poofs out leaving a small trail of curling red smoke behind him.=-