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'Behind the Masquerade' broke the 100 mark on its third chapter! I'm feeling extremely joyful and want to thank everyone for making it possible!

The Day

February 6th, 2003 5:28pm

Today's been a normal day...normal day at school...normal...painfully PLAIN! Well, tomorrow [friday] I have to go to Dance Practice with my friends so I don't think I can update. On Saturday, I'm going shopping with some friends, so I don't think I can update then either. I think I'll squeeze in a chapter of either 'You Make Me Retch' or 'Behind the Masquerade' on Sunday. And if you're lucky, you'll get both! =)


Thank you for supporting me! Thank you for your compliments! Thank you for your death emails! Thank you for your scary talks on AIM! Thank you for your threats to stalk me! Thanks! =D

Information on Author

Name: Kit! ^-^ *purr*

Age: Take a wild guess!

Birthday: January 30th [it just past...but i had a blast!] (it rhymes ^.^)

Current Living Place: San Diego, California...where its sunny every single day and as hot as summer. Never cold...never rains. Yup...thats Sun Daygo fo yos! =]

Gender: I'm tired of being a girl, I hate the girly things, but umm...I hate those girly wings! I don't wanna be a guy though cuz I hate the guy things and i dont like how a guy sings. [it rhymes...] Does that make me an IT? No...I'm a 100% female purrrrrrrrrrfect girl!

Personality: I'm usually a pretty optimistic girl...but at certain times, I can be pessimistic. I'm ALWAYS smiling, and I'm usually laughing, and I'm happy happy happy most of the time. But is this me? I derno...

I look…: Black shoulder length hair, dyed brown, highlighted blonde…dark brown eyes…looks like Kagome if hair wasn’t dyed…normal…=]

Likes: I like food, Inuyasha, anime, and my friends! I like to sleep, I like to talk and yes...I like procrastinating! =)

Dislikes: Lots and LOTS of things, but I'm sure I hate Kikyou and Naraku with much loathe and hatred. I also hate being sick and I hate potatoes and tomatoes! I hate school and I hate homework and I hate waking up early in the morning. ^-^

Goals in Life: I do want to be a I guess I'll study english hard and everything. I hope one day, I can be a well-known author. =)

Update Thing~!

You Make Me Retch- I’m roughly guessing that this story would end somewhere around 25 chapters. But then, I usually shorten it? Hmm…I know it’d end somewhere in the twenties though.

Chaos At Camp- Finished this story! Woo woo, go kitty, its yo birthday, we're gonna partay like its yo birthday. Woo woo! 8)

Sweet Starry Skies- Crazy writer’s block hounds me like some blood thirsty vampire…

Kiss Me- I slammed into writer's block on a steam roller! Ouch...

Fate of Two Hearts- I should just abandon this...I don't have any inspiration...but its being worked on at the slowest pace possible...

Behind the Masquerade - My newest fic and the fic I work most on. It's gonna have so many twists and turns that it'll make your head spin! You can expect regular updates for this fic...

Upcoming Stories

I'm working on these stories, but I doubt they would be out till I get some of my stories out of the way. But here goes...

Love Thy Roommate- Inuyasha and Kagome are roommates that don't exactly get along. Inu has Kikyou. Kag has Kouga. Kouga cheats on Kag. Kag gets sad and depressed. Kikyou cheats on Inu with Naraku, Inu isn't feeling happy. A story about two enemies, falling in love with each other, through similar consequences.

Fading Dreams- A sad/angsty One Shot about Kagome leaving Inuyasha because of the family differences and the fact that he lied to her. But will she be able to fall out of love with him, now that she has already fallen head over heels in love with the boy? Sad ending or happy? Just you wait and see!

That's all. And just to mention. I only specialize in Inu/Kag and Sango/Miro fics. No other pairings in Inuyasha. Okay?

Guess what?
I LOVE FANMAIL! *wink wink nudge nudge*