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Yoohoo! 21 year old male college student who happens to be a Harry Potter Fanatic! I've spent so much time reading Fanfics that I decided to try my hand at writing one!

My ship is H/H though I don't mind R/H and am neutral about H/G (though I doubt I'll ever write any of those two ships).
On the other hand, I think D/H shippers need to get CAT scans (no offense) and I don't like D/G that much either. Slash is out of the question!

My two favorite characters are Harry and Hermione, followed by Ron, Lupin, Sirius, Dumbledore, Hagrid, and Fred and George. My least favorite character is Draco, but I'll try to avoid bashing him for the sake of Draco fans everywhere. So read my stories!

And for those who have been waiting, my site is finally up! I've also got a Yahoo Group up now at http:///group/ecrpotter_fanfiction/. Please join.l