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Hey wat up?
Thought this profile needed work. I mean , I think some people want to know about me. If I were you , I would want to know about me!
Yes , going on! I'm from Canada , Ontario and I'm fifteen years old. My initials are S.R ( haha , you cant know my real name!) and I found out about this site like a year ago.
I love to dance. All the time! I listen to rap and r&b and I write just for fun. I am actually really bad in english class ( the english teacher has something against me , I swear...) Surprisingly , I didn't read all the Harry Potter Books and I haven't seen many card captor sakura shows! I didn't read the second hp book and i havent seen the 2nd movie of ccs. Yes , I am missing out! lol!
I love gettin reviews and emails ( email meeeeee...i have no! jks!) So review zee more and u will see zee more chapters.
I think I spend too mcuh time chatting on the computer. Sometimes i catch myself saying LOL in real life. Scary , eh?
So review. Right now. Click on any one of those stories and say , hi , SJ , I think your so cool and your fics are so hype and I absolutely lob you... my dreams , i know!
see ya!