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This needed an update. :)

I chose the name Hazelline from the book "The Midnight Fox." Hazelline is a character who I couldn't really identify with personally, but she intruiged me all the same. I read the book a long time ago but somehow her character stayed in my mind, and I thought the name was very pretty and poetic, and so decided to take it for my screen name.

My real name is Jo, and I'm fifteen and live near London in England. I keep a LiveJournal, and do a lot of writing, reading, art, drama, listening to and playing music. My favourite band is Red Hot Chili Peppers because something about them strikes me as very original, but I love music in general; it's hard to find something I do not like. At the weekends I ice-skate and satisfy my fashion obsession by window shopping. ;)

My favourite book series of all time are "Harry Potter" by J.K Rowling, and "The Princess Diaries" by Meg Cabot. I like many different films, but especially the "Lord of the Rings", the two "Legally Blonde" films and the classics by Richard Curtis.

My writing has matured and evolved since I first started, and no doubt it will continue to do so. I found that writing too much fanfiction took me away from canon too much, so I had a long break from it, except from parodies. I enjoy writing metaphor poetry and song fiction, as well as originals and parodies based on the lives of people I know personally.

If a garden gnome called Gordon appears in any of my stories, I apologise. I just think gnomes don't get enough of a mention. :(

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