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Hello friend :stares while grinning:...This is my profile : waves hands to show a large banner declaring 'Welcome to the Profile Party':...I'm so pleased you came...have some punch? :eagerly dishes out to much in a to small cup: Yes...that's good...drink it all darling...a bit more...ahh now wasn't that good?hmmm?...:silence surrounds everything:...So -insert your name here-, Having fun?
Why yes...I am a bit of a freak ahahahaha :clears throat:...but let us never speak harshly to one another...:shakes head no:...You must be so tired from all your fanfiction reading...:smile broadens:...:giggle comes from underneath a nearby table:...:smile falters:...HEH heh..that's just a mouse or...things...:tries to usher -insert your name here- away:
:a host of people spring up from under the table:
Hehe oh that's just the entire Hobbit colony...nothing to point at -insert you name here-! :dozens more scramble out: Oh ha ha and those are um...elves?...ahaha...:looks away:...:sees Elijah Wood and Orlando Bloom naked amongst the rest:...WHy gee -insert name here-, you must get home before dark...BYE NOW...buh bye...see you later -insert name here-...


:hundreds of elves and hobbits chat carelessly holding various drinks:

:Taps microphone:...Hello, and welcome to the second Profile Party!! Those of you with invatations are invited to the R.S.V.P room! They rest of you :looks at the majority of the people:...Well fine, you can stay and enjoy the free bar and food..

:crowd cheers:

:the RSVP crowd races to be first in the special room:

"Ohhhh so pretty.", Elf man #1 gushes.

Why yes, It is beautiful in here...please have a gigantic candybar :points to the maids who are heaving ten ton bricks of choclate on steel enforced tables:

"My god, this is the most fun I've ever had!", giggles -insert your name here-.

:coy smile:

Oh yes, and here...:hands each female guest a orlando bloom, elijah wood,ect. guy:'s not the REAL thing but it's just as good...Satisfaction guareenteed :winks like the prevert she is:

:all members drift around with their new found lovers and giant wheelbarrows of chocolate:

Fabulous...hope to see you at the next party...(by the by the way you get an rsvp pass is a.) reviewing one of my stories ( oh god, i'm a bitch :grin:)

Or b.) Just by writing a kickass story...

The panel of judges decides :points to Richard Simmons, Yanni, Rupaul, William Shattner, and Billy Bob Thorton:

...They were the only ones who agreed to do it so...:shrugs:

BYE..Ya'll come back now ya hear?

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