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Joined 01-05-02, id: 150049
Name: PirotessChan21

Age: 22

Gender: Female, duhhhhh =p

Major: Art - more specifically, Visual Art

Current obsession(s): Berserk, Gargoyles, Nightwalker, and Peach Girl (*grumbles* Yes...very atypical for me to become hooked on a bishoujo series)

Favourite pairings(s)[So I have biases...sue me!:

Gatts/Caska (Berserk)
Shido/Riho (Nightwalker)
Goliath/Elisa (Gargoyles)
Kairi(Kiley)/Momo (Peach Girl)
Inuyasha/Kagome (Inuyasha)
Zenki/Chiaki (Zenki)
Vegeta/Bulma (Dragonball Z)
Ororo/Logan (X-Men)

I will attempt to open up to other pairings, but I absolutely abhor Shido/Cain, Goliath/Demona, Usagi/Mamoru, and Toji/Momo pairings (the former two being ancient history that need not be revived and the latter two being too damn predictable). I'm not too fond of MALE Seiya/Usagi fanfictions. For crying out loud, Seiya is a woman REGARDLESS of her disguise!!

Fanfiction plans:

1. Berserk fanfictions with Gatts/Caska pairings (Once I've finished watching the entire series)

2. Seiya/Usagi yuri fanfictions (I'm hoping to start one this month or, at the latest, next month)

3. One Yaten/Kakyuu fanfiction

[Tentative plans]

1. Peach Girl fanfictions
2. Zenki fanfictions
3. Nightwalker fanfictions
4. Gargoyles fanfictions