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What to put in the bio... hmm... hm... umm... I am a writer... I have poems and short stories published in three literary magazines... I'm also a very amaturish artist. I mostly do oil paints and pencil sketches. And I Soul Bond!! A lot. And I wrote a sort-of-essay on them, and that's how I got in to college. I told them about the voices in my head for my entrance essay. And they let me in on a scholarship. Does that worry anyone else besides me??

Outside of being creative, I have a black belt in Kung-Fu and in Shao-lin Kenpo-Karate. I've also studied Aikido, the Way of the Sword and trained with other weapons. I'm involved in the SCA and make my own clothes for it (gods, I hate bodices... they make you look hot but they HURT)

Say... anyone know how to make a web page and who would be best to host it for free? I want to post my art along with my fics.

Okay... I've run out of things to say. Bye bye for now. (^_^)