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Hi, I'm Misai and I haven't updated in over four years. Holy cow. I just recently started picking up writing again and I'm trying to have as much fun with it as I can. I enjoy what I do so much so I spent over an hour trying to search for a way to regain control of this account after forgetting what the e-mail to this account was. Anyway, I still love to write just as much as I did before but over the past years, I've gotten new inspiration as well and hope that they would be used effectively in the new projects that I'm starting up. So here are the synopsis to each one and I hope one of them would suit your tastes =D!

The land of Ashmore is slowly falling into chaos. Sloane, the son from a powerful noble family, and Corinth, the prodigious child of another noble family, must fight friends and enemies to know the price it takes for the prestige and honor of the family name to be preserved and for the land of Ashmore to be safe from spiritual dangers. Despite trials and betrayals, they and their friends would learn what sacrifice means and the power that you believe can save themselves.

This story is more dark and challenging. I'm still working on it and it's in the draft stages but it's getting sort of complex so I hope it works out. Expect someting soon!

Osaka Ringo Senior High (ORSH):
Sango Horimoto is a cheery second-year high school student who had two things in mind when she came into high school. One, to make it to the best college she could reach to for the sake of her middle class parents. And two, to find true love. Although she seems to be on track with the tricks and trades of high school education, she must come to terms to realize that not everything that is taught in high school can be found in a textbook. This is especially true after she encounters the dark and gorgeous third-year student, Seika Kurata, who turns her world upside-down.

This story is much more of a happy cheery than what I usually write. Don't expect something great or epic in terms of a story, but just something fun that I hope makes you reminsice about high school =).

Just to help visualize with what's going on with the story and the outfits they're wearing, my livejournal will have updates with the story to show who's wearing what. It's up to you if you want to look at them but personally looking for clothing online is so much fun =)

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