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I've discovered a new manga (thanks to the insistance of a certain online pal who swore up and down that I'd regret it forever if I didn't read it), called Peach Girl, and I just want to say that it is an utterly fantastic series. The characters are very likeable (erm...aside from Sae but she's the "bad guy" anyhoo so...), especially Kiley, who is just too adorable for words (and majorly cute, to boot. He gives Hotohori-sama a run for his money, and considering what a HUGE Hotohori fan I am, that's saying alot. lol But seriously, if anyone is looking for a really great manga series aimed for girls, this is the one to pick up! My only complaint...there just isn't enough really great fanfic written about it!

Hmmm...mebbe I'll have to change all that...

Oh, and I might add that I ALSO started picking up another great series called MARS, which features a guy who reminds me VERY much of a younger Nakago, only less psychotic. Well...mebbe not less psychotic, but he more than makes up for that with his incredible sweetness. ^_^ This series is *slightly* darker...erm, more dramatic, I guess...than Peach Girl, but no less good. Again...there aren't enough fanfics about it!

As far as I know, neither of these two series has been animated, but I REALLY wish they would. I'd buy 'em! ^_^

A new anime series I picked up, Revolutionary Girl Utena. Hmmmm...I'm withholding final opinion on this one until I see the third arch, the Black Rose saga. So far it's pretty good. A little strange, but kinda beautiful in a very...strange sort of way. And some of the episodes are a little unbelieveable to me, as well. Still, I intend to definitely buy the third DVD (and I hear there's a fourth one due out soon, too) and finish watching this series!