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NC-17 PRIDE: Check out my site for a co-authored fic that will keep you guessing! Guessing as to what the authors are smoking! HA! HA! HA! It's called "Round Robin" by the way, and no I didn't name it, and no we have no clue why it's called that. The plot is so thick and mangled I have no way of summarizing it. Please read. ^^;

I endanger all that is around me.

"Most people drown at the level of your evilness, but you seem to doggie paddle quite nicely."
-yatta biscuit, directed towards me

THE FELIX FORCAST: Step one: finish Nowhere. Step two: finish (editing) Pandora's Box. Step three: finish Black & Blue or AT LEAST SOMETHING.

1) Nowhere is NOT an A/U story. If in doubt, read the summary over again. Please note as well that it is not written in chronological order on purpose. As the story progresses, the time line begins to smooth itself. Everything you see in the fic is intentional. Enjoy. :D
2) I took down Pandora's Box because I'm going to resubmit a pretty edited version. *points to the Felix Forcast & the Five Clip Trailer* It will be back shortly, or so I hope.. ^^;

[clip 1]
A fake smile came to Vegeta's face, his voice straining as he spoke, "Yes, I killed billions of people. Yes, I had fun while doing it..."
[clip 2]
Vegeta suddenly looked down, turned, and calmly walked towards the door. The screen door protested as he carefully pushed it open, and the prince left, intent on never returning again.
[clip 3]
He heaved, pushing his hair away from his face, and finally pulled himself out of the ocean. As he rolled over, looking up at the sky, he could only sense one thing. This wasn't over yet. Last night was only the beginning.
[clip 4]
The tyrant never missed an interview, finding Vegeta the most entertaining minion out of his whole lot. Not watching where he was walking, the prince bumped into a figure.
[clip 5]
He could hear Vegeta's voice, albeit the Saijin did not speak: 'You do not touch Kakkarot without my permission. Your crimes are punishable by death.'


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