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Okay, I know no one reads these things except me, but anyways, if you DO read them, here's a few things.

Hey everybody!! You can all call me Abi, or Cherry! If you wanna be my friend, please email me! I would enjoy to talk to some people. I guess I get really bored.=) If you wanna know more about me, just talk to me. I will be happy to respond.

Name: Abinikai, Max... whatever you want, pretty much.
Age: 15
Other: 5'5" tall, 128 lbs, medium brown (almost blonde) hair, eyes change from blue to bluegray to brown to gray to green, depending on what I'm wearing.
Hobbies: reading, writing (of course), drawing, rafting, and chatting...go figure.
Favorite Color: black, white, red (the colors of evil...Mwa ha ha ha ha ha)
Favorite Number: 42! The answer to Life, the Universe and...Everything? Well, what about my math tests?
Favorite subject: NONE! either i like them all or their completely even or i don't really like them much...don't ask which, cause I don't know.
Where you can catch me: On my email, here, or on Chathouse (). On chathouse, my screen name is Abinikai or Wolfy...try and find me! TTYL--Abi, Cherry, Wolfy, etc.

I thank those of you who responded to my stories, and tried to take them a little farther. They help spark ideas for the next chapters. Thanx!

To everyone who likes to read Fantasy:
Read the stories of savagechazza. She's good, and she's rewriting a story, so she already has the plot line out. Go Chazza!
You can also read my story Kits a Thief, which I am currently working on, so ideas are flowing, and I'll be posting often.

New Update: I know, I know. Some of you actually like Mia and Kira. I just lost interest in it after the first year or so. Now I'm trying to revamp the story. That means making chapters a bit shorter (I know they got long) and putting in different characters...I just didn't like some of it! So please, don't get angry. And if you have any suggestions, please email them to me at [email protected] would be much appreciated.

My works in progress:

Kit's A Thief: A story about a young girl who gets draged into the contest to find the Lost City first. Will she be able to help? Will she be able to find the City before it's destroyed?

JAC's GW fic: My comedy relief story. A couple friends and I are working on it, and its coming along nicely. I wish you all could see the drawn out version my friend Ashley is doing! Well, this fic isn't just about Gundam Wing. It also includes (later on) Fushugi Yugi, Kenshin, and maybe something else, we're not sure. Well, it's definately funny. What happens is the GW characters (as well as the other characters) get dragged not only into our dimension, but to my school. They meet me, my friends, and the power hungry Mr. Cook (the english teacher--also known as "GOD") Some very...strange things happen. And all are funny, even if you don't know who all the characters are!

And as of 2/20/04:

Yes, I know. I haven't updated ANYTHING. But that's because I've lost EVERYTHING. Don't you just love computer crashes? So if you are wondering, it will be a while before I get my stories (well, the ones I was actually contemplating finishing) back on their feet. Peace out, man.

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The answer to how Atlantis fell; no one survived-so who's telling this story?
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Something I've been rolling around in my head for quite some time. It's a different play on Vampires, etc. Let me know what you think and where you think I should go with it, as I have no clue.
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A girl, Celia, hails from the magical land of Loria. Alas, she has ben orphaned in a land where magic is greatly feared. Thinking that her parents have virtually abandoned her, consider her surprise when a royal attendant shows up on her doorstep.
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Kits a Theif reviews
Umm...I'm not too good at summaries, but Kit is a Theif (as you probably know) living in the future. Society has fallen a lot. Kit has to find the lost civilazation, but can she do it? **Ch. 2 is FINALLY up!!! Yah!!! Oh, and Ch. 1 is corrected**
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PG for language. This is a story about two best friends who have a dragon, and who are thieves. They get caught in a bad situation and need assistance from some new aquaintences, even if their new aquaininces do not know their true identity.
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