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My Name is Allison Marie Jaeger. I am five foot four and a half. I have natural multicolored brown hair. I had it permed, but now it sucks. I'm half Japanese, 7/16 German, and 1/16 Austrian. When I grow up I hope to become an actress and start my own mideval fasion line, or just maybe something else to do with art. I'm a very art oriented person, I'm a good drawer (according to my friends)

Music~ Yes I LIKE savage garden, and queen. I listen to a wide variaty of newer kiss 106.1 music, but I hate britney and eminem!!!!!I play the clarinet, sax, and oboe, and enjoy playing romance and borouque style and jazz, charlie parker rules, but his music is impossible to play sometimes!

Songs~ Io-rapture, sixpence none the richer-there she goes, five for fighting-superman, just to name a few (very few)

T.V.~ I watch Being Eve and my old fav. show Clarissa on the N (formerly known as noggin) Who's Line is it Anyway, facts of Life, Smallville, Sabrina the teanage witch, stupid disney movies, and the Animorphs T.V. series on tape.

Cartoons~ I love all of the Tenchi (anime) shows and Weekenders is cool!

Movies~ Lord of the Rings(Orlando Bloom is cute), Harry Potter, Mulin Rouge, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Star Trek 5(the only one I like, even though I was raised in a star trek family) Star Wars (all of them but hayden's character is so whiny!!!) Reign of Fire, Spiderman, a lot of 80's movies... JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANOE!!!, Robin Hood: Men in tights, Princess Bride, and for Christmas A Muppet Christmas Carol.

Books~ Titanic books, The Princess Bride, Blood and Chocolate, the Daughters of the moon series (even though they're starting to get on my nerves, they all end the same way!!!), the Chronicles of Chrestomanci, the Lord of the Rings series, Twelfth Knight (yes shakespeare), 13(horror, the Claidi journals, Artimus Foul, Ender's game, Two Princesses of Bimarre, the princess diaries, the dealing with dragons series, Harry Potter and of course... THE ANIMORPHS!!!! they totally ruled but they were cancelled...SAD!!!!

Actors~ Trevor Morgan (why doesn't he have a credit in the rookie?!?) Orlando Bloom, Ewan Mcgregor, Tobey Maguire (I greatly dislike Jim Carey(...Lucas!!))

Actresses~ Bette Midler, Julia Stiles

Amania thanx for all of the reviews!