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I decided to write this bio after reading Sweet sharie's. I even wrote my cousin's Kei's bio. Hehehe. My name is Yuri and I was born 1103 years ago on Planet Planet, what you Earthlings now know as Planet Vegeta. My parents were...well they weren't the best of parents. In fact, they tried to sell me to the circus as a circus freak. I tell ya there's nothing wrong with a girl having a blonde tip on her tail. Anyway while babysitting my baby cousin, Cha-Cha or better known as Kei, I overheard her arguing with a bunch of Tuffles. I really don't remember what it was about, but I think it had to do with there sex, food, drugs and the evils of clowns?. Cha-Cha is filled with so much Saiyan pride. Anyway she easily destroyed the Tuffles and the planet because she simply turned into a Super Saiyan. Don't believe that stupid legend about the Super Saiyan being a guy. I ask ya, can a MAN really tap into some unnecessary and uncontrollable anger? No! That's why it makes more sense that it was a girl. Anyway while Kei was knocked out I used her power for my own diabolical schemes. I DECIDED TO BECOME THE SUGAR QUEEN!!! MWHWHAHAHAHHAHAAAA! However, my goals were crushed by the evils of Sweet Sharie. She landed on Planet Sugar before I did and married King Pixie Stick. Without a second thought the evil wench ATE ALL OF THE INHABITANTS!! I WANTED TO EAT THEM!! Anyway after Sweet Sharie left I took the remaining sugar and made a shrine to the poor inhabitants. Suddenly a strange spirit in the form of Kool-Aid, the big red jug (you all know who he is), came before me. And he said to me, "Yuri. Thanks for making this shrine to my fallen children. Now in order to repay you I bestow the power of a goddess unto you. But not just any goddess. Oh no, you shall become the SUGAR GODDESS!!! Oh yeah!" And with that he disappeared and I became the Sugar Goddess. So along with Cha-Cha we landed on Planet Earth and went our separate ways. While on Earth I found many different pleasures and pains. One day I got bored and decided to go over Niagra Falls in a barrel. That was fun, but then it turned out that it was illegal. So I wound up being on the lamb. I TELL YA IT WAS BECAUSE I WAS I HAD A MONKEY TAIL!! FIGHT THE POWER!!! So I went into hiding and after a couple of years I found my cousin Cha-Cha who had become Kei. So I took over Kei's cousin body. So since then we've watched the adventures of Yamcha along with Son Goku. Now I'm a fanfic author along with Kei. Unlike Kei I write for the simple pleasure. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!
I can't believe that you all actually bought that load of dribble. My goal is to eventually wreak revenge on Sweet Sharie for destroying the lives of all the Sugar inhabitants. From there Kei and I shall rule the universe as two queens. We'll cause the people of the world to rise up against City Hall...in Cincinnati. The people will riot and demand SUGAR!! While Kei and I watch in her secret hideout twenty floors below sea level. HAHAHAH!!! Then we shall rebuild the world along with the other fanfic authors of the world. Kei and I will, of course, lead with sound mind and body. I'll ban pollution, car exhaust and ocean dumpage and ppls will have to travel through TUBES!!! Second, no more rich people and poor people. We'll all be the same...forget that. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Then I'll do away with IDAHO AND THEIR BLASTED POTATOES!! ^-^v.