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Im Female 23 I live in Ohio with my wonderfull fiance Jared. My hobbies include writing,reading,art,video games,music and movies.
I wrote my first story when I was 14 and I have been writing pretty much ever since. I enjoy writing fan fiction for various series but I also write originals and poetry. My first pen name on Fan was BulmaAngel. So if you see some of the earlier stuff saying that name as the author don't worry that was me lol ^_^ I decided to change the name since I would be posting some of my fictions from other series and some poems as well as my DBZ stuff.
I am currently at work on my first AU that will also have a lemon in it. As far as stories go I believe people should be able to write whatever they please. If others don't like the pairing in a story or the general plot they don't have to read it. I understand constructive critisism but I see no need for pointlessly flaming people just because someone doesnt like the pairing or the nature of a story people put alot of work into thier writing and each persons feelings should be taken into account.
I'm sorry about that I just needed to get that out. I have seen so many good stories be treated far too harshly. If it is entertaining then they have done thier job! Once again I am sorry for the rant I just had to get it out.
If you ever want to contact me feel free to email me with the address above or I have MSN messanger with that address I also have Excite Messanger my name on it is sakura_tenshi