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Blaah, blaah, blaah... What should I write in here?! _O Well, maybe I just put here some facts of me to annoy people! ^_^;;; Yes, that's it. Now, read and get annoyed! xD

Name: Cherokey a.k.a Unna Peltola
Mother language: Finnish
Other languages: Well… English, Swedish (that freakin’ second language of Finland! Grr!) and I’m thinking about starting to study Japanese…
Mother country: Finland (*Sigh* I know, you probably haven't heard of it, but...) It's the little thingy between Sweden (*Shudder*) and Russia...!
Favourite anime/mangas: Inuyasha and… mm… X-1999?
Favourite singer/band: Do As Infinity, Dir en Grey and Every Little Thing :D~~~
Family: Mother, stepfather, half-little brother and half-big brother
Hobbies: Writing, drawing and archery
Birthday and age: I was born 16th of October, 1988. So, right now, I am 14.
Hair’s colour: Dark brown
Eyes’ colour: Blue-greenish