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Thanks for comin and chekin things out ^^ I hope you like the fics.
I just want to tell you that my Pen Name USED to be Morgs but because of my wonderful little Depeche Mode interest I changed it to some of my fave lyrics by DM from "Everything Counts" (great song people! You should go and listen to them)
I think that in my bio part I am going to put status on my fickle pickles so then people will know if they are over or whatnot... I am bored and it seemed like a good Idea at the time okay?
-Santa Letters: I've now started to put up the 2002 letters ^^ I'll have them all up by Christmas this year. I think maybe one a month or something...
-Adventures of Nek and Imo: Well we are just trying to up them up as they come ^^
-Adventures with SERVS: I put up the last chappy *sniff* I hope that you all enjoyed that fickle as much as I did writting! Plz R/R
-Kentus Babies: Will the Kentus babies ever end?? Umm I think not :)
-You Are My Sunshine: Weiss and Schwarz songs... Read 'em ^.~
-Schuldich Cult Song: It's a joke that started in Japanese class with this song we had to learn and that is all we did for 3 weeks... *shudder shudder* evil song
-I Am Alone: Okay my one serious Weiss fic! GO TEAM ME!
-It's My Game: Please R&R
-Mystery of the Missing Wig:MINT NA BOKURA Done
-Don't Waste Your Hate: I had to move it to the Harry Potter section so there are NO reviews for it *sniffle* that makes me very sad -sigh- Please Read and Review!!
-We're Gonna Beat Your Unruly Bum: sequel to Don't Waste Your Hate. Again I had to move it so plz R/R
-Return to Hogwarts: Again I had to move it so R/R
-Maybe Someday:MARMALADE BOY Done
ENJOY!!!! Ja matta ne!
Don't forget to Review *chu!* ^.~
I'm going to be starting College soon so people... if Updates are slow, few and far between I am sorry *sniffle* but it's because homework is HORRIBLE! *shudder shudder*