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I'm back!

... Sort of.

I'm going to be switching gears. I'm probably going to not be posting stories on fictionpress anymore ... with exceptions. There is one story that will go up very soon, and that is only going up here for specific people to be able to find and read. As for "The Coreolis Effect," that may or may not be continued. Shuichi's World, I might continue if I'm in the mood. Future versions of everything else will not be published on fictionpress.

I will, however, be around for the "Melting Tavern" thread.

The Coreolis Effect

Chapter 1: 9/4/09

The Coreolis Effect -- it is a time of great peace on the continent of Polaris. Unfortunately, this peace does not extend to Coreolis. A small country on the westernmost part of Polaris, two rivaling factions battle for power of the kingdom. One group seeks the betterment of its ties with its neighbors; the other wants to destroy them all. Enter Aria, a traveling tactician spell caster in search of work. She will find what she is looking for in Coreolis, and it will be up to her to lead her employers and the small band of recruited soldiers to victory.

Shuichi's World--Lisa "Shuichi" Gardener wants no more than to feel that her life is perfect, to live in a world where nothing good ever changes. But a reunion with a few of her closest friends brings her crashing back to reality. Hurt and confused by the changes that have driven them apart, Shuichi takes her friends to the World, a place of her own creation where she can fight the physical manifestations of her pain, in an attempt to banish the differences between them and to amend the wrongs of the past. She will learn, though, that it is she who must overcome her own inflexibility to change in order to conquer the chaos in her heart.

Super Cursin' Spirit Troopers -- the city of Tranquil Forest is a small, peaceful populace of approximately 4000 denizens ... except when it's not. The Forces of Evil have come to wreck havoc on and/or destroy and/or take over Tranquil Forest. The only thing standing in their way? The SUPER CURSIN' SPIRIT TROOPERS and their allies have answered the call in the fight against evil! Will the Spirit Troopers prevail against the terrible Horatio Revolto? Or will the Forces of Evil's incompetence fail them in the end? Who will be cursed at? Find out, only in Super Cursin' Spirit Troopers!


To all of my friends in high school, the SHS group, because without them I wouldn't have most of my stories or most of my characters. (Telly K Netic, Confunded Mistress, and Peach Flavored Octopus are three other members of the SHS group who have profiles here. Check them out.)
L. "S." G. for Shuichi's World.
My Academic Decathlon team for inspiring one of my stories.
Whit5000 and TAD for sticking with Hurricane Wind. Plus, ihutbks for being an interesting person to talk to on the forums, SuperTD for reading The Most Intelligent Species in the Universe and Dragonn for answering my forum.
People at my college for giving me more inspiration and ideas for characters and stories.
To my friends on the FE and SSB forums on fanfiction. You know who you are.
And all the numerous friends I have on the Internet and real life, plus reviewers, who keep me going and inspire ideas for my stories.

RIP Casey Calvert of Hawthorne Heights

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