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Personal info & looks:
Real name: Same as pen name
Age: Teenager
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1" 185 cm
Weight: 180 pound 81 kg (about)
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Light brown
Want to know something else?

If you want to use plot from any story I made, feel free to do it. The only thing I want in return is to email me with link to the fic and note in the disclaimer.

Communicating me:
E-mail: I respond to every e-mail send - but only when e-mail needs respons (eg. someone asked about something...). If I don't then I'm either somewhere where I can't reply or I put replying to that letter on 'Do later' list and forgot later :) So, If I'm not replying in two-three days, send me e-mail once more.
ICQ: I have number as you can see, but I don't use it. If someone wants to contact me in that way then mail me, I'll set time and we'll talk.

Movie: Interview with the vampire, Matrix, Stigmata, few others which I don't remember now
Book: Harry Potter, Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles
Music: I don't have favourites.

Preferences in HP fanfiction world:

Well, I thought that I would get more in this section simply because last one was a little... schematic.

H/H - I like this ship. It's good to read, it's very realistic and it's something that I can just see happening. Besides it's quite easy to write as both Harry's and Hermione's personalities are already there :)

H/G - I'm not especially enthusiastic but this one is in the category of these I really like. But the only thing that I require here is well-developed Ginny. I probably won't do these in near-future.

R/H - Mixed feelings. It can be, but I rather see this as this as 'few dates and break-up'. Maybe my personal experience affected this but I know what is it like to be with your opposite. Trust me it's annoying like hell. So, when I think of it in long-term relationship than it can be either of these:
A) either of the sides (Ron or Hermione) changing, a lot but that makes it OOC because although I don't really see Hermione changing (she's very mature), I can still see Ron maturing however not enough to succeed in this relationship
B) when I read a story and think whether I want to read it any longer or not it can be final nail in the coffin

H/C - Yessssssssss! Very refreshing because it's rather rare ship among Potterians. Maybe it's also because I like Cho as a character (although we don't know much about personality I don't think that women who have their loves dying at the hands of someone evil become either sluts or evil...). Like I said - very refreshing after going through ten thousand of H/H or H/G

D/G - Completely neutral although I won't read stories completely devoted to this relationship because I can read fics that will interest me much more.

H/OC - Sure, but when the OC is *competely* normal. You can see that in my fic LoaV, where Harry at the begininng (and maybe for some time through the fic) is dating an OC.

H/Mary Sue - I don't even want to think about something like *that*

H/Parvati or Lavender or whoever-else-was-in-canon - Actucally I think of these in the same categories as H/C. I like it because it's very refreshing from thousands of fics which have the same ship.

D/Hr - You've got to be kidding me. I hate it. If I'll want a *great* challenge in writing for myself, I'll write one and I'll see whether it will completely consume my nerves :)

H/Whoever/Whoever - I'm quite neutral. If this is one of the mentioned about then you'll see what I think. However the most important thing here is that it's Harry who gets the girl. And if he doesn't then she wasn't important (she was only a crush).

H/D - I like it. But I don't like it when they *both* are the ones supposed to defeat Voldie or when they *both* have super-cool powers.

H/Ron - IMO the best slash ship when two people are of the same age. When it comes to Voldie or super-powers :) I have the same thoughts as I have about H/D

H/whoever is young - I don't have specified thoughts about these. I simply read them and decide whether the story is good.

HP/SS - Ohhhh, this one must be the best of slashes :) But only when it's done good.

H/Remus - Very interesting concept although I encountered only few fics which had this one. I like it.

H/Sirius - Neutral feelings.

Whoever/Whoever, when in the background - It can go all the way. I don't mind it.

And more about my favourite characters.

Harry Potter - The best of all characters. Someone gets super-powers? It's Harry, Dumbledore or Voldie. No one else. Who will defeat Voldie? Him. Do you know why do I get things like that? The canon is called "Harry Potter and..." not "Ginny Weasley and..." or "Mary Sue and..." so he's the one special. It's simple and easy.

Hermione Granger - my second best character. I don't really know why. Maybe's there's something in the back of my mind simply because I'm tired of all these girls (in the real world...)that can do nothing but giggle and I would want a girl who is actually intelligent?

Dumbledore - Yeah! He's simply great. I can't really say anything else about him. He's simply great.

Sirius and Remus - I have the same feelings for both of them. They're fun, they're 'the good guys' and that's all.

Ron - Hmmm, I am neutral to him. I won't really mind if he will be asshole and I won't mind if he's going to be best friend. You know IMO he's really the sidekick (because, when you think about it, what was the really, really important role he played in the plot? he was just always 'there') and sometimes I wonder whether it's not him who will die in the book 5...

Draco Malfoy - I rather don't like him but I wanted to pull him out as the 'good' guy in LoaV so I'm trying :)

Severus Snape - Duh, depends on what he's made into in fanfics. I don't have specified opinion about him.

Well, every other character in my opinion is not important or I forgot about him/her.

Queen of Mary Sues? Of course Eliza Diawna Snape
King of Gary Stus? Harry in "Last Will" ;)

Other preferences, theories and my view on HP world:
I don't like weak Harry. Harry should be powerful. I also don't believe theory that Voldie was after him because of prophecy or because he is heir of Gryffindor (Unless this second also has highly recessive gene like ability to talk in parseltongue, which makes Harry special in some sort of way). There's a simple reason to that: after all Harry should defeat V. at the end of series so he has to be special in some way. Prophecy or royal bloodline isn't going to give that to him. Of course if the fic is very good I'm not going to look at little thing like that.

I don't think that Harry was protected against AK only because his mother gave his life for him. I'm sure that there were other things like that - I'm sure that some lovers, mothers, fathers etc. gave their lives for loved ones. And Lily loved Harry so much more than other parents/lovers etc. that it protected him from AK?

I don't like stories in which a 'team' of people is supposed to defeat Voldie. But this dislike only occurs to me when the team is 'Harry, Ron and Hermione' or them + other people.

I really like fics in which Harry is a vampire/werewolf or other non-human creature.

My fics:
The New Powers - First attempt at fanfiction. I'll rewrite it if I have some time. Now, Harry is too powerful and idea of sequel is pointless ( Ron: Harry! Voldemort is attacking! Help us! Harry looked at him with bored look on his face and snapped his fingers "He's dead") I think you get my point.

Last Will - This story simply became so Mary-Sueish that I suspended it. As I looked through the planned plot for the rest of the story I realised that there is no possibility to make it more realistic. And in effect the story is suspended *forever*.

Life of a Vampire - Now this story will be my little baby :) It will be the longest of all fics I've written - I plan to make this longer than 50000 words. Will it work? I'm not really sure. I've got whole plot planned out for this and eventually for sequel. Nothing else to say :) Go, read it and review :)

Future Fics:
The New Powers *completely rewritten* + AU - "Fifth year Slytherin Harry Potter finds new adventures, when granted with powers he never dreamed of." Basically it will be a rewrite of TNP but Harry will be in Slytherin (and 6th year). I wanted to have him there simply because I want him to be 'cold, calm, cruel and calculating'. Well, maybe not like this, but definitely different than canon Harry. You'll see similar Harry in LoaV

That's all!