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So, what can I tell you about me, without boring you all senseless :)
Well for a start, I'm 19 (turning 20 in June), I live in the UK, probably in the wettest part of it, and I'm studying to be a teacher and am currently in my second year.
I only really started writing properly when I came to college, and have (in my opinion anyway) improved in leaps and bounds.
As regards fanfiction, I have disocvered the love of my life, Lord of the Rings (and yes, I did read the books before I saw the film, have read the Silmarillion and several of the HoME books as well as the BoUT 1.)
I do also write other stuff, since I seem to have this bad habit of being able to attract plotbunnies no matter where I am (to date, the shower, the pub, and a design and technology lecture are some of the strangest).
Reviews are welcomed, whether they be praising or constructive critisisms. Flames will generally be ignored, unless they are /really/ offensive to me.
Can I tell you anything else? Not that I can think of :)
I hope that you enjoy reading my stuff as much as I have enjoyed writing it!


KazraGirl (updated on the 11th June 2003)

If anyone is looking for the fic that I wrote about the actors of Lord of the Rings, its now hosted at http:///groups/kazragirl

Kazra and Rich have moved! They can now be found http:// :) Many thanks to [email protected] for hosting them :)

I've recently opened up a MSTing site at http:///zarandauk, feel free to drop by and take a look :)

I've completed NaNoWriMo! I wrote a 50,000 word novel in a month! And its still not finished, I'm barely a quarter of the way through! But now that the severe deadline has been met, I can let it slide slightly, and get back to writing fanfiction :) If anyone's interested in reading it, just drop me an email :)

I have been bitten by the song writing bug. And it refuses to let go of me at the moment. Annoying thing. It tends to only bite when I'm down though, which is why most of my stuff has a dark theme to it.

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Songs of a Psyche reviews
A few songs that I have written when the song muse has bitten me. Be warned, the song muse tends to bite when I'm not in the best of moods, so many of these will be quite dark, hence the rating.
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This is a response to an incident the first and only time that I got drunk. I will never be allowed to forget this...
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