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[yes, I was too lazy to write my bio last time LOL]

Konnichiwa :D My name is Linna, aka. Black Angelique and Dark Sakura [and a lot of names that you really don't need or want to know]. I'm pretty much a hyper-active freak/student who is currently taking a Harmony 3 test and is freaking out over it *sweatdrops*. I also can be pretty much impatient and sometimes rather sarcastic. I also get a lot of those days where I just wake up and feel pretty much in a bad mood.

Anyways, I also a writer who kinda sucks at grammar and spelling. And after reading some of those "Mary Sue" Hate Fanfics, I pretty much think I write pretty unoriginal stories, but that's just me. Oh, and I also believe that those "Mary Sue" Hate Fanfic Writers should honestly GROW UP! Those "Mary Sue" Fanfics ARE ABSOLUTELY POINTLESS AND REPETITIVE. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in perfection either.

Try reading my fanfics; I don't think that are THAT bad; I try my best to write at least. Plus, you might grow to like them ^_~

On going stories: Unconscious, Last Photo, Mere Ice, With Broken Wings

Stories Currently Under Construction [not uploaded: When Stars Don't Shine, Hidden Past

Stories Currently Being Written The Rain That Follows [CCS, Walls Unbroken [Digimon Season 02, and Wish Me A Star Tonight [Beyblade]

I'm not particularly a fan of this show cause I tend to find it rather corny and unrealistic, but I'm writing this cause I became over obsessed with Rei :P

Somewhere towards next year I will start writing a Alice 19th story, a manga by Watase Yuu [my favourite manga artist] and a original fanfic watch for updates XP

I used to be Dark Sakura. No, I haven't stolen any fanfics yet...:P

Ja ne!
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