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Name: Sara

Age: 14

Height: Let's just say short.

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black. Curly, wavy

Country: Australian, but with Italian parents and decendants

Favourite Actress: Shiri Appleby (Liz from Roswell)

Favourite Actors: Jensen Ackles (Alec/Ben from Dark Angel) Sean Biggerstaff (Oliver Wood from Harry Potter)

Dress Style: I'm into the Avril Lavigne look.

Hobbies: Skating, surfing the net, martial arts (kickboxing, tae kwon doe), watching anything with Jensen Ackles, Sean Biggerstaff or Shiri Appleby in it.

I *love* Dark Angel and Roswell! I *love* any pairings between Ben/Liz or Alec/Liz. I think they make the best couple! I also really love Oliver Wood/Liz fics :)