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Well, apparently I am back! I've been dabbling in writing different things and I thought that I would post something that's kind of real life and fiction mixed together. The story is in first POV, and that person is very much like me. Or at least that's what a friend of mine told me. So we'll see how this goes. I will probably update as I see fit (read: when I have time and inspiration).

Hope everyone is doing well. :)

~Peregrine Psyche

Most of the stories that I write are one shot things. Mainly, I like to focus on fantasy and their creatures, like werewolves and unicorns and dragons, such things like that. Also, I hope to put my first ever horror story up (description will be at the bottom). There are a few poems that I might post, but I'm not that good at this aspect of writing.


Found: Random thoughts on love
Dare: A challenge for life
Time: Short poem, not much thought needed
Keeper of the Land: Intro poem for my story of same name
The Blade: A poem written while in deep depression. Not at all for the faint of heart.


First: My first werewolf story. Written on a whim and then used for a Creative writing paper first semester of Jr. Year. Got me an A+ if I do say so myself. Not that good, but it was my first original story... I had to start somewhere. I may fix it and I make take Hollie's suggestion and add another chapter for it, don't know for sure as it's been a long time since I last looked at it.
9.18.07: I've decided not to continue this story. I plan to leave it as it is. I may possibly come back to it within the coming weeks when I have a free moment from school and work and do some editing. If that is the case, I will post it as a new chapter rather than uploading it over the old chapter.

Penny: A friend's story that she wrote a long time ago.. Asked me to put it up for her. Did a bit of betaing on it but not much as I would've changed the entire thing.

Immortal Soul: My prized story, I love it dearly. First ghost story type thing and very horror ish. Am also writing another chapter for it, hopefully will get that out soon.
9.18.07: I do have the other chapter for this, but not at all written out... well, it's partially written out. But I will be leaving this as is. Sorry if anyone was looking for a second chapter to it.

Dear Unwanted Thoughts: Almost like a diary entry than a story. Based on actual events that happened on 3/13/04. Ignore my semi-British swearing, as I know that it should be a higher rating, Except that not many people know what they mean.
9.18.07: I've debated on taking this down from FPN, but I've decided to keep it up. I won't be updating it anymore obviously. I honestly just don't know what to do with it...

Huntresses of the Stars: My first mythology related story. I'm working very hard with it but it might take me some time as I have to gather information before typing anything up as I do not want to get anything wrong. This is my baby, flames will be used to keep the fire going as I write it. It does, in fact, involve assassins but there isn't a lot of blood, but as there is an implied sex scene in it... yeah, that's why it's rated R.
9.18.07: I am still working on this piece! It's just taking much longer than I would like. I've honestly only gotten the second chapter out. Then again, if you've read my note earlier on in the bio, I've been very busy. If you've enjoyed this story, I promise I'll have more to come soon. I just need to get inspired again.

Love: I was a bit depressed a few weeks ago and so I started writing. This came out of it. There are quite a few quites that Ive gathered over a few years and I put a lot of them into it. It's not one of my best, but I like it.

The Blackened Doorway: I wrote this a long time ago... well, by long time I mean a few months ago... sometime back in March,I think. I'm not too proud of it, because it deals with how I felt while I was cutting, but there actually are some things that I do like about it.

Coming Soon!

Deadly Ryhmes: London, Ari and Rosie are trapped within a mansion. Throughout the house, eerie music can be heard drifting through the halls. When a young girl is seen walking through the halls singing nursery rhymes, the girls are stunned. The house has been abandoned for more than 50 years. Who is this girl and why does she wander the halls singing these songs? And what happens to the girls when their song is up?
9.18.07: This is complete! Just not typed up. . I will get it typed up soon. Hopefully I can still read it as I wrote it in pencil. Hopefully I can find it as well.

Keeper of the Land: Two girls are taken to a strange land where they learn that they are to take the place of the current Keeper, Fleetfoot. With the world falling to inner turmoil, how are two teenage girls able to bring the Realm back to the peaceful way that they used to know?
9.18.07: It is partially written. I just have to type it up. Most of my stories are hand written first, which kind of sucks because I tend to lose them. But this will be up soon... at least I hope. .

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