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Hi Im Pinkangel/night-shade! Im good with humor Fantasys and Pardony's. Im bad with Angst, and Poetry.

Any-who, HEre is some info bout me that Everyone is gonna Scroll past.

~About me~

Why The nickname?: Well, I picked it Beacuse I Like the Name Night-shade. It was aready my nickname, I Just added the pinkangel part. Well I put them Togher Because I can be Sweet Child-like and Innocent, Thats the pinkangel Part. YEt I can be Bicthy, Insane and Wacked Thats where The night-shade comes in. SO Pa/Ns Was born, You will hear from them In my Future "Ask" (Stupid ! I can't do them any more!) Fics and Orginals. changed to evil cherry blossom why Cause it sounds kewl, :P

Socal Life?: Well, I do have some Fans, I am Infact Liked here and At Yet My Offline Socal life Isn't as charmed, I Have my friends and Enemys...(Angry Hits a Laughing Preppy)

Favorite Cartoons/Anime: Dexter's lab, Powerpuff girls, Digimon, Sailor moon, Medabots, Invader Zim (It was Cancled WHAAAAA!!!!) Spongebob Hamtaro ( THE KAWII-NESS AHHHHH!!!) Tenchi Muyo (damn it its gone too.) Daria. ( Finally A high school story Not about a Prep!)

Hated Cartoons: BUTT UGLY MARTINS UGGGG... Rocket Power KILL THEM PLEASE! Dora the Explorer and the rest of those screwed up Nick Jr. Shit.

Hated Anime: O.O People hate anime? I Never did think that Possible.

liked Video games: Final fantasy (all Espetally 9 and 7) Chrono cross (Im Working on getting Chrono Trigger.) YES FINALY CHRONO TRIGGER WAS SO FUN! (everyone stares) never mind -.- Mario, Zelda.

Disliked Video Games: I Don't care for Movie based games (102 Dalmations that sort of thing)

Likes: Pizza Gaming, Online test, Punk/rock Music (REAL PUNK!) Cool people who like cartoons , Anime and Video games, Summer, Shopping, Dancing, Drawing Mountan dew, SKITTLES, Wacthing Preps Suffer, ( I know Im evil) Anime, Writing here, Neopets PPGworld.com.Being alone From People. (but I do liek my friends!)

Dislikes: PREPS, Jerks at my school who laugh if you like Any thing Un-prep like, Britany spears (Blah!) Pop, (well Most of it some is okay.) Boybands, Seafood Subs (yuk!) Complety Stupid people Acting that way to Be Populer ( People at my school really do that Dumb huh?) PREPS yuri and slash(Shivers and Tomatos of a million Yuri fans Hit me.) and did I say PREPS?


Storys That Im still working on (till the finish).

Chrono cross: MY WAY!


Stories Im not sure about.

A blackened Angel,



Chrono Trigger my Way!

my name, Evil cherry blossom.