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I'm a serious LotR junkie. I'm also in to anime, though I don't know if I'll be writing any straight anime fics. I do have one crossover fic, a Sailor Moon with Lord of the Rings. It is co-written with my friend Li Raeth and can be accessed here:
My favorite character is Legolas, just cause Orlando Bloom is so damn hot with his hair like that. I like Haldir and Aragorn too, though... just because.
My fics probably won't be Legolas romances, though, unless a bunch of people want them.
Oh well. Please don't forget to review. Even a one word review (good, bad, horrible...) is better than nothing.
New: 9/25/02 is evil. First it bans my LotR actor fics, now it's going stupid and cracking down on AR's Vampire fics... Damn Anne Rice. I love her books, but the woman's got some ISSUES...