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A Libra girl--which means I should have been well-balanced and artistic. I get the artistic part cuz I'm actually kind of a singer-songwriter and a designer in my spare time when I'm not too busy writing or fantasizing about stuff I like or anything. But unfortunately I don't see myself as being well-balanced--e.g. I flunked calculus, but got 80% for algebra. My math teacher (he taught both courses) was kind of surprised by the difference.

I was born in Montreal, and that makes me a Quebecois who doesn't speak French (I know what 'Bonjour' means, mind you)--it's not all my fault. I was 'moved away' from Quebec before I could talk. Anyhow, I'm currently located in B.C., west coast of Canada and am glaring at the *medieval history* course at my university.

Questions or comments, please email me at ardentsq@. Happy to reply.